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Aging Life Care™

Certified Geriatric Care Management (GCM)

How is Evolve Senior Solutions, LLC - Aging Life Care™ Practice different? Evolve Senior Solutions, LLC provide holistic (whole you) geriatric care. As a patient under Geriatric Care Management (GCM) you will receive education and interventions to help you co-manage your chronic conditions, to prevent Emergency Department/Room (ED/ER) visits and hospitalizations. During each visit to your home, your vital signs will be checked and a full nursing assessment completed; in addition to, attending your appointments with you and updating your family on your current health conditions and status. 

*Aging Life Care™ Services:

Care / Medical / Health / Nursing
Assist in learning caregiver skills and use continuous assessments to recommend care plan improvements, such as in-home care services. Managing chronic conditions to prevent ED/ER visits, hospital admissions, and nursing home admissions. Organize records and assist you in adhering to medical orders (working with your current physicians or helping you find new physicians ). The goal is making the caregiver’s life easier/seniors life easier and promote healthy aging. Medication review with the option to include the Medication Management services (see below).   

Safety / Housing / Environment 
Ensuring a safe living environment (reduce and prevent falls) with conduction of a safety assessment and then making recommendations for the addition of adaptive equipment, home modifications or a change in living situation. Depending on unique care needs, budget and personality, will help find independent living, assisted living, memory care or a nursing home that meets their requirements.

Coordination / Advocacy 
Monitoring and coordinating all pieces of the care puzzle in order to lighten the load on family caregivers. Coordination of ancillary services (i.e. home health, pharmacy, shopping, cleaning and home maintenance). Coordination and advocacy occurs with your current physicians; if you have an interest in changing physicians, then assistance is available to do that as well. We refer and recommend only the best, that provide quality services; however, you always reserve the right to choose from a list of professionals, vendors, and communities. It is important that you are always able to speak for yourself, at all times, therefore with advanced directives you will receive explanation and assistance with completion of advance healthcare directives. Offering transition support when discharged from the hospital or rehab to the home setting and would like to reduce risk of readmission/recurrence. 

Help connecting with financial aid and help applying for programs like Medicaid and other benefits as well as local and community based assistance.Only certain facilities accept Medicaid, you will be led in the right direction for placement options; this includes Veterans Affairs (VA), Estate planning, Medicare coverage, and SNAP (Food Stamps). Knowing your options, you will be able to plan well, and age wisely. 

Social / Recreational
Connecting with services or programs that enhance mental and physical well-being. This is vital to an elder’s quality of life. When increasing a senior's access to the outside world, it can increase the risk for various forms of abuse, therefore identification and reduction of exploitation risks and abuse are also included. 

Facilitating team work and communication in the execution of a patient's care plan. Conflict resolution and provide counsel to seniors and their family members. Act as a liaison between the client, healthcare professionals, and family members. Working with adult children and families who are looking for care management and resources; working with family who live outside the area and need a trusted local set of eyes and ears who understand seniors’ issues and can advocate on their behalf.

Legal / Financial
Provide resources for financial and legal concerns for the client and the family. Connection to local elder law attorneys for guidance and necessary documents. Working in conjunction with a conservative or guardianship. Assisting a financial Power of Attorney (POA) with bill paying, budgeting and more. Assisting a Healthcare Power of Attorney (HPOA) with navigating health care decisions and understanding chronic conditions. Frequent ED/ER visits, hospital admissions, and rehab stays can cause a tremendous impact on your finances; Evolve Senior Solutions, LLC will work with you to determine if you were billed properly, how to handle the bills, and how to prevent further impact on your finances. 

With Memory Care Coaching - Whether you are seeking immediate guidance, have a specific challenge you want help addressing, or would like to understand Dementia / Alzheimer's in more detail, (wanting a diagnosis or what to do after a diagnosis) GCM with Memory Care Coaching is right for you. The sessions allow your loved one, you, and your family the opportunity to discuss your particular challenges, receive coaching and support, and connection to resources to help you as the caregiver and your loved one living with dementia. You will walk away with relevant and personalized education and plan of action (care plan) to get through the journey. 

With Caregiver Coaching - Caring for your loved one, while trying to care for yourself is hard. With coaching by a GCM you will be connected to tools, resources, and services you can use to make the load easier. You will walk away with a plan of action (care plan) for you and your loved one to get through the journey. 

*This is not intended to be an all-inclusive listing. If you or a loved one are in need of support and do not see your situation listed, please, contact and let's start the conversation to get you the assistance you and your loved one deserves.

Medication Management

Medication management is one of five key areas known to reduce ER/ ED visits and hospital admissions. The focus is on improving the use of medications for your conditions and ensuring that you understand the purpose of the medications and are taking them in the correct manner for optimal results with reduced side effects and reduced out of pocket costs. Interventions include medication reconciliation, patient/family education, and monthly medication set-up for the patient. With twice monthly or monthly setup, vital signs are checked and monitored. Medications are coordinated to fit your lifestyle; services are customized based on individual preferences and abilities.  Evolve Senior Solutions, LLC will work with your pharmacy, prescription insurance provider, and your physicians to ensure all medications are current. The service also includes creation of a manageable reminder system as well as safe disposal of all outdated medications and coordination of refills. Pills will be crushed and halved if needed. Supplies include: calendar, a medication schedule, a detailed and personalized medication log, and weekly pill boxes (medi-planners). You can request one or more session (without setup) to ensure proper administration (given medications) of medications are being provided to your loved one. 

Medication Aide/Tech/Assist Training

This 24-hour medication administration training course is designed to introduce non- licensed personnel to the basic pharmacological practices necessary to administer medication accurately and safely in Assisted Living Facilities (ALFs) and Skilled Nursing Facilities (SNFs). The educational objective for this course is to provide the students with relevant and practical information that can be implemented into the daily routine of medication practices. Students will learn that safe and accurate drug administration requires proficiency with administration technique and skills, basic knowledge of drugs, and implementation of facility policies and procedures. This is a certificate of completion course. This course is taught by a Registered Nurse. The state of South Carolina does not have requirements for this role, therefore, completion of course will allow the student to be eligible to work in North Carolina and South Carolina state. For South Carolina residents the completion of this course could increase your chances of hire, as many companies prefer prior training or experience. 

Private Duty Nursing

The care of patients by a licensed, Registered Nurse. Private duty care work is one-on-one with individual patients. Services include, but not limited to: wound care, urinary catheter maintenance, bowel program supervision, administering medication including injections, inhalants, eye drops, oral, and topical medications, tracking oxygen levels, use heart monitors, or other advanced in-home equipment. In addition to providing advanced care training for family members, and oversight of general health and preventative care to immediately address any new medical conditions. 

*This is not intended to be an all-inclusive listing. If you or a loved one are in need of support and do not see your situation listed, please, contact and let's start the conversation to get you the assistance you and your loved one needs.

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